Are Bedspreads Necessary Or Just A Luxury

Bedspreads are long held tradition in European cultures, from northern and Scandinavian, to the Balkans. On the shoulders of this tradition, a lot of European settlers brought hand crafted bedding, made from natural fibers, cotton and wool, into the US, slowly spreading the old World tradition to the new colonies.

Nowadays, this tradition is kept in different ways, mostly by choice, as a design decision or to create additional comfort into the bedroom. An important question that a lot of our readers ask is whether this is a luxury or are there benefits to having a bedspread, aside from it being “pretty”, and today we’ll answer this question definitively.

The pros and cons of a bedspread

Just like anything in life, there is a duality which everything possess, depending on the point of view of course. This duality applies to bedspreads as well, and bellow we’ll be discussing that duality, the necessities and luxuries of having a bedspread.

Why it’s needed in the bedroom

Prevents dust and grime from settling on top of sheets or mattress.

It’s plain and simple – they provide an extra fabric layer which provides protection to your sensitive bedding from dust and overall household grime. Back in the colonial days, bedspreads were used as additional insulation throughout the cold nights, however, nowadays, with central heating, it mostly has design purposes.

Most types of bedspreads are easy to maintain, and so they fit the task of protection perfectly. Depending on the size, they can cover the entirety of the bed, including pillows and the skirting on the bed, though this choice depends on how much you’d prefer to be seen.

A beautiful design choice

As we’ve mentioned above, bedspreads are a fantastic way of influencing the overall atmosphere of a room. Due to their size, their effect can be substantial and they can even act as a central point which is fitting considering the central location of a queen or king sized bed.

There are so many variations of bedspreads that you can absolutely personalize your interior based on the colors, textile variant and the texture of the bedspread itself. Choosing interlocking and intermingling elements as a reference to one another throughout the room, like a wall paper and a door hinge, adds quite a lot of depth and atmosphere to a room.

One of the biggest questions regarding bedspreads is the design, size and colors of the bedspreads, however, a bigger issue is the sort of material which should be used to create one. The old tradition of using natural fibers like wool and cotton, is still quite prevalent, however, synthetic materials can provide quite a lot of softness and size to your bedding.

Keeps you warmer at night

Regardless if it’s the 21st century or not, cold nights still happen and sometimes we are caught off guard, not having the central heating on or trying to not use it as often. In these circumstances, a bedspread can easily act as additional insulation and keep you warm throughout the night.

Its size and weight can provide quite a lot of comfort and coziness, giving you a womb-like sensation allowing you to relax and enjoy a good night’s rest. Some people even fully use their bedspreads for that exact purpose and heavily rely on it as additional comforting and protection from cold weather.

Its size means that there is little to no chance of experiencing “cover theft” from your partner, giving equal opportunity of warmth to everyone under the blankets.

Why it’s not needed in the bedroom

While there are a lot of positives to having a bedspread, there are some things which make a bedspread either obsolete or entirely unwarranted. Here, we’ll provide a more practical approach to the topic and explore the lack of necessity of a bedspread as an investment.

You already have a duvet cover

A duvet cover is a dedicated duvet envelope which acts as protection to the down filled duvet. This protector provides the necessary security from dust and filth, as well as giving you an additional level of protection and even a design choice.

You have a weighted blanked

A weighted blanket is a magnificent development in home comfort as they are quite thick, sizeable and can provide the necessary warm if required. This means that a bedspread’s ability to keep you warm at night, is overshadowed by the far more comfortable weighted blanked, making it a needless expense which you can prevent if you already have a heavier, thicker blanket.

There are products which can match the size of a bedspread, though they become more expensive with the size. Regarding the size-to-price ratio, weighted blankets are far more expensive when the size increases, whereas the bedspreads are relatively the same size and the price difference comes from material, quality and if they provide additional insulation.

You prefer a cleaner looking bedroom

Bedspreads generally increase the visual size of a bed which can be quite comforting, or it could make your bedroom seem far more cluttered than it actually it is. If you prefer less, then a bed without a bedspread is a far better choice than one which makes the space look busier than it actually is.

An alternative solution to this is to have a bedspread which has quieter colors and is not as puffy or sizeable as some down variations are. Leaving out embroidered variants which are quite beautiful but busy looking, will provide you with a sensation of space and freedom, without compromising the cleanliness of your bed and bedding.


A bedspread is not mandatory, but it’s nice to have.

Overall, a bedspread is quite a good solution to a lot of problems, since it can provide several uses in one product. Instead of having several different items for a specific task, some of our readers use a more multifunctional product like a bedspread.

One of the biggest downsides is that it can be quite an investment and can be quite expensive, so it might not be for everyone. As long as you wash your sheets every week, then the presence of dust and grime on your bedding will be minimal.

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