Garden Lighting – 5 Things You Need To Know

The garden is one of those places in a home, where a lot of potential for creativity can be found and expresses. In fact, the garden is such a special place, that a lot of homeowners go for a stylish garden feel to their backyard – regardless if you want to go rustic or luxurious – here are 5 things to consider before getting any sort of garden lighting.

What to be careful about when picking garden lighting

The full length of the answer to the essential questions “how to pick the right lighting for the garden” really depends on what you want to achieve. Some people go for the ambiance while other prefer to have better light back porch – at the end of the day lighting should be relied upon to provide visibility and the rest is a matter of choice.

1. It should fit the style of your property

There are houses out there which are created with a specific style in mind, a good example of this are the town or farm houses which can been seen in the Midwest of the USA. Those properties have a more homely feeling to them and go really well with classical styles, a lot of forged steel, warm colors and wood – lots of wood.

When picking any sort of garden lighting, whether that would be for your porch or for your garden, we suggest that you go with a style that is already present.

2. It should have water protection

It’s extremely important that your garden lighting be specifically designed for outdoor use and not for indoor use. The main difference is in the type of body and housing which the lighting will have as well as the ingress protection (IP).

If it does not have that protection, then a light is not fit for the use in a garden where moisture is a lot more prevalent and a lot more likely to affect the performance of non-garden lighting.

3. It should not hinder the use of the garden

While there are some great patio and garden lamp post products out there, like the ones that you can find at, it’s important that they don’t get in the way. This is especially important on stairways and staircases which are outside as they are the most prone to be wet in adverse weather – use recessed lighting rather than one which stands proud of the surface of the stairs – it’s a trip hazard.

4. You can choose how bright it is

Choosing how bright your lighting makes the garden is a matter of taste and preference and it will heavily affect the ambiance and feel of the back yard. There are cases where products will provide the choice of intensity control, but a general rule is that most patio and backyard products are fixed in their brightness.

5. Utilize overhead and floor lighting

For the best utility and atmosphere, we suggest you use both overhead and floor lighting which can come in the form of lamp posts, built-in lighting and even chandeliers. In cases where high visibility is important to you, you can always rely on spot lights and high lamp posts.

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