Getting a dishwasher - is it worth it —

Getting a dishwasher – is it worth it

Having someone or something do the work for you has always been a dream for humanity. In some aspects it is now a reality with the fast technological development of the contemporary world.

Nowadays we rely so much on technology, that having to live without it is unthinkable.

That is not necessarily something bad – why not save time for yourself and your family by having a machine wash your dishes?

What to Consider Before Getting a Dishwasher

If you are and ecologically oriented individual you might be thinking that using a machine would be worse for the environment than cleaning manually. It might look like there would be higher consumption of essential resources like water and energy.

Well, here you are mistaken, as it’s proven with time that it’s exactly the opposite. Moreover, the benefits of a dishwasher can make any concern disappear.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Dishwashers are known to optimize water consumption, which in the long run lowers your bills. They operate with energy efficiency, meaning that they work more effectively by using less energy and other resources.

This also make them the more eco-friendly option, as optimizing resource use has positive effects on the environment and is generally more sustainable.

Saves Time

A dishwasher is an essential element of every modern home for a reason. Contemporary lifestyle usually leaves us less time for house chores, and with the invention of home appliances and machines that is not a problem.

The dishwasher just need you to load the dirty dishes, put some special soap in and turn it on with the correct problem. You save so much time from scrubbing away stubborn leftovers, which you can use to relax with a book.

Especially if you have a larger family, this machine saves you the trouble of feeling like a servant by having to wash so many dishes.


The dishwasher uses extremely high temperatures to wash the dishes that kill any bacteria present. This can’t be achieved by hand washing – you simply wouldn’t be able to handle boiling hot temperatures.

Tap water could also contain harmful substances and you have no way of knowing that. Using a machine to wash your dishes guarantees your safety and good health.

Automatic Heating

Automatic Heating

If there is not hot water available at the moment, you don’t have to wait and pile up dirty dishes. The dishwasher heats the water automatically, so you can have clean dishes even if there had been a water accident in your hometown.


While dishwashers so magically help you in your everyday routine, there are still some disadvantages to consider.

You would still have to rinse off extremely dirty dishes before loading them, since larger food scraps and oily surfaces could block the machine.

Moreover, you would usually have to pile up dishes gradually until the machine is full and ready to go. This might be frustrating if you don’t like the thought of keeping dirty dishes for a long time.

Another con is the high price, which could be a serious problem if you’re on a budget. At the end, you make that investment once and in the long run you save a ton of money from water consumption.