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Gorgeous and Healthy Houseplants for your Living Room

Houseplants have a unique way of elevating the elegant outlook of your interior and bringing in a sense of serenity and harmony.

A tastefully arranged variety of plants with different leaf types and flowers can contribute to an exotic feeling and create focal points of natural decoration.

They are an essential part the luxurious living room not due to their aesthetic properties, but also for the numerous health benefits they provide.

Why Decorate your Living Room with Houseplants

The luscious green of plants can have an immense effect on your mental health. They can lower our stress levels and enhance our concentration, productivity and mood.

Moreover, they effectively purify the air from potentially toxic pollutants that are released by ovens, carpets, cleaning solutions, synthetic materials.

We’ve gathered a collection of some of the most popular and easy-to-care-for houseplants that are highly effective in keeping the air in our living room fresh and healthy.

Dragon Tree

The dracaena, or the dragon three, is a type of palm that is extremely easy to care for and gives and exotic and bohemian look to your interior. It is also a great air purifier and can remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other toxic substances.

It can thrive in small and shady spaces and requires a slightly damp soil that is not too soggy, but can also survive long periods of time without being watered.


The pothos plant, also known as devil’s ivy, is a low maintenance type of vine that grows quickly and is a perfect match for beginners. It’s also considered one of the most effective air-purifying plants that adequately removes common toxins in your home.

The pothos in its different varieties can add elegance to the outlook of your living room and will thrive in any conditions.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Piece lilies, or spathiphyllums, are not only outstanding due to their elegant look, but are also discovered by NASA to be one of the best plant to remove common household toxins from the air.

They can live in most lighting conditions, but in order to produce the tender white flowers they are known for, they need indirect bright light. They are great for beginners, as they will adapt to any conditions and don’t require a lot of watering, but in order to get the best of their look you need to put a bit more effort.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is one of the easiest-to-grow and most popular houseplants that effectively removes formaldehyde and xylene from the air. It requires watering every two or three weeks and a bit of indirect sunlight.

It could be a great hanging plant in order to fill empty space in upper parts of corners.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is famous for its numerous health benefits, especially against skin irritation and sunburns. It is valuable for your health even if it just stays in your living room.

It can absorb and get rid of airborne particles that come from cleaning solutions, paints and other chemicals.

The aloe can grow and be reproduced extremely fast and give an exotic look to your interior. Moreover, it’s a great addition to smoothies and other healthy recipes.

It’s best to include a variety of plants in elegant arrangements in order to keep the air always fresh and healthy, and the outlook of the room outstanding.