How To Reduce The Dust In Your Air Ducts Advice

Air ducts are the main air passage ways of a property. If the HVAC unit is the lungs, then the air ducts are your property’s windpipes – the dirtier they are the harder your lungs have to compensate to achieve the same results – here’s how to reduce the amount of dust in your air and air ducts.

Dust issues are more common than you think – how to deal with them

Dust pollution in your indoor air is mainly contributed by the airflow of a room. If you have a central heating or cooling system, or an integrated HVAC one, you need it cleaned. Here’s why:

  • Less allergic reactions
  • Better Sleep
  • Lowers respiratory issues
  • Deals with asthma
  • Lowered chance of sleep apnea

These are just to name a few of the most prominent health issues you can prevent. If you yourself are experiencing any of these symptoms, and they subside once you leave the property, then you might be a victim of bad indoor air quality.

How to reduce the lint build-up in your air ducts

As we you can imagine, the cleanliness of your property’s air ducts is directly related to the quality of indoor air. This is why it’s vital to either have them cleaned regularly (at least once a year) or take steps to reduce the lint and dust build up.

One way of doing it is by removing carpeting around the air vets altogether, as carpet fibers will get loose over time and they will inevitably get sucked into the intake of the HVAC. They will stay in there and build in mass which is a big contributor to restricted airflow on your property.

Another thing you can do is clean more often, or better yet, have your carpets cleaned professional in order to remove dust and lose fibers. If you have pets with long hairs who shed a lot, you need to keep on top of cleaning otherwise your HVAC will need to be cleaned a lot more often than usual.

How does bar airflow affect me

Restricted airflow due to filthy air ducts will not only affect your health, but it will also affect your utilities. Expect a utility bill increase if your air ducts have not been professionally clean – after all the HVAC system has to work harder to keep up with the demand.

This hard work requires power and it also lowers the life expectancy of the system itself. If you want to have a healthier living environment and reduced utilities, contract a professional company like for a thorough air duct cleaning today.

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