5 Tips for a Stylish Furniture Arrangement in your Living Room

When you try to imagine your dream living room, it probably includes a comfortable sofa and a neat coffee table, but is that all there is to a living room? After choosing the most stylish pieces of furniture according to your personal likings, you have to carefully plan out their arrangement.

If you underestimate the importance of that step you might end up with an uncomfortable room that leaves you with an awkward feeling.

Tips for Stylish Arrangement of Living Room Furniture

Tasteful interior design and comfort follow sets of rules that are timeless and work in any situation.

Knowing how to properly arrange furniture could make even an awkward and narrow room look more spacious and convenient.

Carefully plan the layout of the interior according to these tips and you will soon be enjoying an outstanding and cozy living room.

1. Create Zones

There are two general ways to arrange your furniture. The first one is to order every piece, have it in the room and then try to push it around and switch places until you find the perfect position.

That’s not the best approach, since it wastes a lot of time and you might never be able to find the perfect arrangement.

The second, and the better way is to plan the layout beforehand, and this is what interior designers usually do in order to achieve a perfect look.

Think of establishing zones in your living room according to how you use the space, and arrange the furniture in accordance. Create zones for reading or watching television, for preparing drinks and receiving guests and for your kids playing.

2. Focal Point

Every designer will tell you that any space needs a focal point so that your eye doesn’t wander around and has a place to land. That could be a fireplace or a large window, but if your home is not equipped with those you have to create the focal point yourself.

Group your furniture around the coffee table or the TV set, or include decorations to draw the attention.

3. Create a Pathway

Don’t forget that the living room is meant for people to spend their time there and feel comfortable, so you need to provide a space to walk around freely.

Plan the traffic flow and create a pathway around the furniture that allow people to go unbothered from one end of the room to the other.

4. Don’t Stick to the Walls

In small rooms it’s natural that you would want to push furniture as near to the walls as possible in order to free some space, but that turns out to work the opposite way.

If you stick your furniture to the wall that may make you feel boxed in. Always leave even a small space between walls and furniture to create the illusion of a larger space.

5. Be Strategic with Artworks

Hanging artworks is a great way to utilize the empty space of your walls and create variety or a focal point. Keep in mind however, that artworks should be chosen strategically with sizes that keep a balance with the other furniture and colors that match the general palette of your interior.

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