Should you Invest in a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are gaining popularity nowadays and are favored for their stylish outlook.

If you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen or are moving into a new home, this is really a feature to consider having for yourself. It will give the room that polished look you see in home magazines or in movies.

Moreover, there are numerous functional benefits that make people consider getting a kitchen island.

What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Before even considering whether or not you should enhance your kitchen with a kitchen island, you should assess if you have enough room for one.

It’s meant to be a space for work, so there should be enough space around it for you to walk while preparing food. Experts say you need to have at least forty two inches available around the island to walk by.

If your kitchen is wide enough, an island turns out to be the best option in terms of optimization of the space and work process.

Extra Surface

A large countertop is essential for convenience and comfort in the kitchen. With a kitchen island you can get additional space for preparatory work and easily cook a few meals at the same time.

IT makes it easier to receive guests and impress them with a large number of exquisite meals, or easily prepare dinner for a large family.

If there are chairs around it, the extra surface of the island can be used for eating over, or by kids doing their homework.

Cabinets in the space below the countertop allow you to use larger parts of your walls for adding decorations or even a new window.

Additional Storage Space

Good use of storage space is key for the elegant outlook of your kitchen, but also for the basic level of comfort you need in order to enjoy cooking.

Effective storing can make it easier for you to reach certain products when you need them and allows you to keep everything neat and organized.

Improves the Work Flow

Having a large space at the center of a spacious kitchen increases the distances between the working stations. It could be extremely frustrating to run between countertops and ovens from one end of the room to the other.

By implementing an island at the middle you shorten the distance and optimize the whole process. Cooking can also be a lot more enjoyable if you’re facing the room instead of the wall, which is the case with regular countertops.

Elegant Design

A kitchen island could be a great way to introduce a focal point to the interior of your kitchen and make it stand out. Moreover nowadays these installations come in various styles that could match each type of interior design.

They bring a sense of elegance and professionalism to the kitchen. This can inspire you to approach cooking as an artistic process and produce impressive results.

Additional Layering of Light

The island in your kitchen has to be lit by additional light sources, in most cases overhead pendants. This provides and additional layer of lighting in the general atmosphere, which is always good for an elegant outlook and a more romantic mood.

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