The Benefits Of An Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is a specific subset of the auto transport service and is aimed towards clients with higher valued vehicles or autos with lowered suspension. Due to its specialized nature, the enclosed transport is more expensive than the open one, however, its benefits outweigh to cost for a lot of clients – if you want to learn more about what the service offers, keep on reading.

What exactly is an enclosed transport service

As we mentioned above, this type of service is a specialized one, aimed towards the safe transportation of higher value vehicles like show cars, super cars and vintage vehicles. It’s a highly prized service because it offers lowered suspension accessibility through the use of a pneumatic lift which lifts the vehicle to its platform.

It protects the vehicle from the elements

One of the most important facts about it are that it is a box trailer that is made to withstand winds, rain, hail, debris from the road and pretty much anything that nature can throw at it. If a vehicle is highly prized for its looks, and the owner wants to keep it that way, then an enclosed transport is the right choice – for the right price of course.

Its vandalism and theft proof

Another issue that box trailers solve is the problem of vandalism and theft which can occur on open trailers. There’s pretty much nothing a driver can do if someone decides to throw something at one of the vehicles on an open trailer, but the boxed trailer makes the transport job inconspicuous and hardly anyone would know exactly what is being transported.

While vandalism and theft are exceedingly rare, they do happen, and carriers take great care and caution when transporting any sort of cars. The boxed vehicle is protected from all sides, with a double locked door, with a mechanism which locks from the cabin.

This is why a lot of show cars, muscle cars and other types of expensive and exotic vehicles are exclusively transported in box trailers – to hide them from sight.

It conceals high valued cars

And it’s exactly the hiding that is also valued. There is a psychological aspect to it, that is rare spoken of, but whenever a person sees a super car, it can unlock some idea of injustice in their life “why is he rich and I am not” type of deal.

It might be grasping at straws, though, if we are honest with ourselves, we are too envious of people’s success, especially if we perceive them as none deserving of it.

Allows easy access to supercars with low suspension

A great benefit which is almost what boxed trailers are known for, is that they provide safe access for lowered suspension cars which are notoriously hard to get on and off a trailer. If they are not transported correctly, there is a chance that they could be damaged severely, causing serious and expensive issues which are awful to deal with.

If you see yourself in this text, and find it important to protect your auto, then go to and check out what they offer.

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