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Top 6 Sheets Best Suited For Your Family

Bed sheets are the thing we rely on the most, that one thing that every good night’s rest hinges on. A good bed sheet can make your evening, or in the case of a bad one, it can ruin it.

Families with babies know the important of the soft, gentle and silky feel of a good sheet and this is exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Sure way sights that you’ve found the best bed sheets

We’re back again with another Top 6 list, this time tackling the most fundamental question “What sheets are best suited for the family?”.

Since sheets are the very thing your body lays on during the night, the level of comfort you are feeling with greatly determine how comfortable you’ll be feeling, the quality of rest and how often, if at all, you’ll be turning.

In our list we have some obvious choices and some not so obvious ones, because people are different and they have different needs.

1. Sheets for Babies

The best baby sheets

Everyone starts of as a small, innocent ball of cuddle, or as science has decided to call it – a baby. Each parent knows that their child’s comfort during the night will affect the amount of sleep they are getting – some get lucky and their children are relaxed, others have to deal with 3 hours of sleep for a month.

Since babies spend most of their time in sheets, the main goal of bedding is to provide a soft, gentle feel for the skin of the baby. It’s also vital to allow for airflow and pressure to be alleviated from certain points of the body as to lower stress and increase comfort during the evening.

The best baby sheets out there seem to be comfort fitted, cotton or linen sheets. Pure cotton has the ability to absorb moisture away from the body which allows most optimal perspiration.

It’s a natural material and has one of the lowest “allergen score” from all other fiber choices, hence it’s the preferred selection for baby sheets. Pure cotton isn’t cheap and finding a brand which does not have chemical treatment is far more vital for baby comfort than it is for adults.

Linen sheets are very light, have extremely good heat transfer, with a crisp feel which is great for the warmer climates or the summer period. Whenever shopping for baby sheets, it’s a good idea to have a set of pure cotton and linen sheets, cotton can retain heat during the winter, while linen can provide a cooling effect for a summer baby.

2. Sheets for Teenagers

Being a teenager is hard enough not to have comfortable sheets to comfort you at night. This is a particularly dynamic period in the life of a young individual which requires robust, durable sheets which allow for easy cleaning and comfort at the same time.

Teenagers don’t much care for wrinkles in their bed sheets, so getting wrinkle resistant sateen sheets might not be so necessary. The best material for a growing teen might be those which match the profile of that age period, mainly materials which can be cleaned easily, have a high scuff resistance and provide the necessary comfort for a long sleep-in.

Microfiber bed sheets provide a very soft and sensitive sensation for the sleeper, they provide the necessary comfort, while also alleviating any allergies. These are synthetic sheets which are some of the best choices for an active life or a family with pets which shed or drool a lot.

They are quite affordable, come in a wide variety of sizes and allow for easy cleaning even at high temperatures. Their poly-blend is extremely resistant and gives the required longevity.

3. Sheets for families with pets

The best sheets for pets

Now, we get it that different families train their pets in a different way, but according to personal experience, it can be very difficult to let your pets stay off the bed. It can be very challenging especially if its winter and they are very snugly.

As the most common pet choices, dogs and cats come in all sorts of shapes and hair lengths, some are more hygienic, others require a bit more intervention from their owners to stay clean. One of the best solutions to keeping your sleeping arrangement as neat as possible is to have sheets which allow for the necessary comfort, while also providing an easy clean even at high temperatures.

Brushed Cotton Sheets are a fantastic choice for a family with long or short haired pets. They are a very soft sheet choice, which provides a cooling effect even if there are more bodies on the bed.

These sheets have a brushed texture on top of them which makes them seem not as soft as other sheet types, however, they are as soft, even softer, than most other choices. As a natural material, cotton provides a cooling effect to the skin and the brushed texture provides the necessary longevity and crisp feel even after several washing cycles.

4. Anti-Allergenic Sheets

Some people sleep hotter than others and require a bit more cooling during the evening. Heat sensation is directly related to the amount of sweat and this can relate to the amount of skin irritation which can be a major turn-off for a lot of people.

Sensitive skin is either developed or inherited, either way it can be a hassle trying to deal with it, unless you have the right sheets for the job. As one of the best heat-removing sheet types, linen sheets seem for provide the necessary sensation of softness, crispness and cooling during the winter, while also retaining some heat for your comfort.

Allergies might also be related to the treatment for the sheets, so going for a more organic feel is a great way of alleviating any rashes or other skin problems. Linen and Organic cotton score the highest, they are not as expensive compared to other specialized choices like the sateen sheets.

Sateen provides some of the highest amount of softness and luxury for a sleeper and can be used for people whose sheet requirements are for something a lot softer. To people with soft, sensitive skin, linen can feel abrasive, so using the softest feel sheets possible is a must – either go for organic cotton sheets or sateen – both have their pros and cons, mainly focusing on the price.

5. Sheets for the Summer

The best summer sheets

Summers are great for relaxing, enjoying some well-earned vacation days away or at home – children are out of school and sleep in – spending their time at the pool, with friends or sleeping. Whatever your summer routine is this year, some things remain the same – summers are hot and make you feel sweaty – it can be difficult to sleep in a hotter climate.

While we can’t give you advice on HVAC systems, we can provide some insight into home-care and optimal family sheet selections.

Tackling the heat can be made easy with Linen, again, a great material which gives the necessary cooling during the summer. A closely related relative to linen, with a similar feel, is hemp.

As an organic, easily grown and farmed material, hemp can have a very nice effect on the skin during the summer for babies, teenagers and adults. It has similar properties as that of linen, but has that extra resilient to heat quality to it which is not always easy to get from organic, natural materials.

Hemp is easy to weave but is limited to a certain thread count and can feel somewhat rough on baby skin, so going for a more soft choice with babies might be needed. For adults and teenagers, hemp and linen is just right as their skin needs are far easier to manage and can be more or less taken care of by organic and natural materials.

6. Most Versatile Sheet Construction

By versatile sheet construction, we mean a constriction which follows a comfort-resilience-soft feel-price ratio which might fit the average’s family profile. While the materials are the same, the construction method might make a certain sheet type more expensive and thus a bit out of your reach.

Flannel fabric constriction is not as rare as you might thing, it’s actually quite common and is used in colder climates as it provides a cozy, warm sensation. The small brushed textures allow for better heat retention which is vital for people with cooler sleeping body temperatures.

Sateen weaves come with the highest softness rating, however, they require a bit more maintenance and can be some of the most expensive types. They require more wash treatment and can prove difficult to maintain clean and pristine over time.

Percale is the most common fabrication method this making these sheets the least expensive ones. The manufacturing process lends itself to a lot of improvement which can increase the softness sensation – the frequency of the overlapping of fibers determines how soft the sheets feel.

Microfiber sheets are some of the cheapest choices, they are soft, however are not as great at removing heat as natural choices. They are easy to maintain, quite easy on the wallet and give the best initial feel – may be too hot for some people. Some people report this type as having a cheap feel, though that seems to depend on the brand of the sheets rather than the material.

An overall conclusion

Personal preferences aside, our data shows that the most desired and sought-after sheet material is cotton. It’s versatile, can be manufactured in a variety of manners, it’s a natural product and seems to cover the entire price range, with some affordable choices having surprisingly high comfort results.

Our recommendation: Organic Cotton Sheets – they might be pricy, but they provide everything you are looking for in sheets – comfort, softness, heat retention and dissipation, anti-allergenic and resilient.