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10 Tips to Optimize Space in a Tiny Kitchen

A neat and well organized kitchen can invoke inspiration for cooking and turn it into a creative process. In contrast, a cluttered kitchen that makes you feel boxed in could completely take away the pleasure of spending your time there.

Large kitchens could easily look elegant and spotless, but with smaller kitchen keeping them tidy becomes a challenge.

How to Maximise Space in Small Kitchens

Fortunately, with an intelligent and strategic approach toward your kitchen’s design even the smallest kitchen can look ordered and welcoming.

It’s a matter of creative use of space and getting a few items that would make your life easier and cooking will be a delightful activity.

1. Play some Tetris

While planning the furniture arrangement and the general layout of your kitchen think of it as a puzzle. Utilize every possible spot and don’t leave any awkward empty areas.

Try to make use of the space around your sink and your kitchen and get enough cupboards of different sizes for maximum storage space.

2. Utilize Vertical Spaces

Vertical Spaces

Wall mounted features like dish racks and cupboards are essential for space optimization. Try to pick thinner furniture that expands vertically rather than horizontally.

3. Create a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island allows you to make use of the central area of the room and turn it into storage space. There are some elegant models that will create an atmosphere of a classy restaurant in your own home.

4. Install a Folding Table

The table could take a large portion of space, while it’s not being used all the time. A great alternative is a folding table that will stand next to the wall and you can put up whenever you need it.

5. Hang Utensils to the Wall

Another way to use vertical space is to mount a rail with hooks for your larger utensils and pans, or even install a magnetic rail that will hold knifes and other magnetic features.

6. Use Sliding Doors

Opened doors can block your pathway and use up the free space unnecessarily. Sliding doors are the right option if you have a small kitchen and want to make your life easier.

7. Over-the-Sink Counter

Over the Sink Counter

Cooking requires a lot of space for preparation and things can get messy if you don’t have enough space for a large counter. That is solved easily by getting a feature to put over your sink and turn it into a counter.

You can even get a chopping board specifically designed to be placed over sinks.

8. Hooks for Mugs

Mugs can take up a lot of the shelf space, but not if you use their traits in a clever way. Their handles allow you to store them on hooks installed under wall-mounted cupboards and leave the interior storage for other dishes.

9. Install Pan Dividers

Different pans, lids and baking sheets can take up a lot of space if not properly organized in the drawer. An easy fix is to get a pan divider that will hold them up perpendicularly ordered.

10. Risers for Extra Storage

Risers can be put over counters and shelves to provide additional vertical space. Stack items on top of them and utilize the space below them.