Lighting Your Living Room for a Marvelous Atmosphere

Tastefully planning the design for your living room could account for the creation of a true masterpiece.

Since the living room is where we spend most of our time at home, it should provide us with a sense of comfort and harmony and be an expression of our personality. That works not only through the use of different color palettes and textures and picking the materials for your interior, but also by creating an elegant lighting scheme.

The use of light could let us see our surroundings and provide the necessary level of safety, but it could be taken to the next level to set a mood and a dazzling atmosphere.

Brilliant Tips for Lighting Your Living Room

Creating a lighting scheme for your living room is more of an artistic process than simply an engineering task.

There are certain rules of the lighting design that could make the difference between dullness and elegance. Moreover, the right lighting could make your more productive and relaxed.

If you approach your living room’s lighting intelligently and artistically you will soon be enjoying an atmosphere of luxury and splendor.

Layering Illumination

When you are choosing a color palette for your living room you are probably thinking in terms of layers. You have the general color for the walls, an additional color to create contrast, and some nuances for accents and focal points.

Planning the lighting should resemble that process – most designers would advise you to mix a few light sources with varying intensity and purpose.

Ambient Light

The general ambient lighting illuminates the whole room and provides safety. It serves more practical than decorative purposes, but could also be implemented in an artistic way.

You could use an overhead ceiling fixture with a certain decoration that softly lets light down the walls and provides functional illumination.

It serves as a foundation which you can later on decorate with additional lighting fixtures that serve a more aesthetically fulfilling purpose.

Lighting Zones

After setting up the base, try to differentiate the lighting by establishing different lighting zones according to the use of the interior.

Add supplementary light sources in reading corners or around the coffee table where you spend the most time with your family or alone enjoying your leisure.

Pops and Accents

Accent lighting helps you to personalize your interior according to your own taste and preferences.

It could be used to create variety in the atmosphere by highlighting decorative pieces of furniture, artworks, and places of study and work.

You can use spot lights, LED strips or lighting fixtures and different standing or table lamps in areas that could become elegant focal points.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting has been proven to have a great positive influence on mental health.

Soften the ambient lighting by using light sources that are directed at the walls or the ceiling and reflected back to the living room.

Indirect illumination makes the atmosphere a lot more welcoming and relaxing and brings a sense of intimacy and comfort.

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