What Makes a Coffee Box Sustainable

The sustainability topics went viral not long time ago. However, since that time many industries focus on setting sustainable goals and being more eco-friendly. The coffee industry is not left behind. In addition to attempts to source coffee in a way that respects nature, the trend toward sustainability is also seen in coffee packaging.

Big coffee brands are focusing on using more eco-friendly packaging. This increases their brand image and creates more customer loyalty. On the other hand, sustainable packaging and other eco-friendly practices decrease some production costs such as energy and water utility.

What is sustainability packaging

Let’s start with the definition of “sustainability packaging”. According to WPO (World Packaging Organization), sustainable packaging must meet the economical and functional current needs of society without taking advantage of the future generation’s needs.

When we speak about sustainable coffee packaging, we mean packaging made from materials that could be recycled and reused. The ability of a material to be reused is the core of the sustainable concept. Other important criteria that make a material sustainable are:

  • Low carbon footprint;
  • Non-harmful toxins;
  • Sustainable manufacturing process.

The sustainable packaging process doesn’t end with creating boxes from natural materials. It starts with this. The next steps are creating a supply chain and other basic procedures.

What is the case with coffee packaging

Coffee is a favorite drink for many people. So you can imagine how many tones of plastic packaging are used in the coffee industry. Last years, the amount of plastic production has grown which cause an increase in the carbon footprint as well.

This makes drives many businesses to consider what changes they can do to stop the negative impact on nature. The leaders in the coffee industry found the solution in the packaging. Besides the sustainable goals they want to achieve by using sustainable packaging, there are other benefits.

Coffee is a product that needs special packaging, to keep its fresh taste longer. Most of the time the supply chain of coffee products is longer than we can imagine. It’s possible for the coffee box to stay stored for weeks before it goes to the client.

Here is the moment when we find what is the meaning of good quality packaging. The package has to protect the coffee from oxygen, wetness, and light. This prevents the coffee from losing its taste. When a coffee brand wants to meet all the requirements of sustainable packaging there should be biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable components.

How do we determine if the package is eco-friendly

To give you the best answer to this question we spoke with ThePackLion.com. This is a company that provides eco-friendly coffee boxes with nice designs. After we did research with their help we can summarize.

The answer depends on the country of origin of the product. There are different signs that show if packages meet the sustainable requirements. Recyclable packaging is denoted by a triangle made up of arrows with a number in the middle.

There are some supermarket chains that create their own system to mark recyclable packages. Walmart for example, seven Rs system. The purpose of the seven Rs is to help suppliers to improve the sustainability of their products. The seven Rs concepts include the following actions: remove, reduce, reuse, renew, recycle, revenue, and read.

These examples help the customers become more involved in the sustainability goals of the companies. Once they know how to recognize eco-friendly packaging, they are more likely to start buying these products.

Why using sustainable coffee packaging is important

To give a comprehensive answer to this question we need to look at it through 3 different lenses. Let’s go deeper into each of them.

What is the importance of the customers

Biodegradable coffee packaging keeps the coffee fresh for a long time. Customers that buy coffee in eco-friendly boxes can be sure that will drink real-taste coffee. On the other hand, they can reuse or recycle the box and live a positive footprint on the environment.

What are the benefits for the business

There are many benefits for the coffee industry such as reducing transportation and energy costs. Besides that, sustainability vision if a company can increase the brand image and bring more loyal clients. In some countries, there are also tax benefits that the government provides.

Yes, businesses can have many benefits from performing more green practices, but the main focus should stay on the positive environmental impact.

What is the environmental impact

Last but not least we will focus on the environmental impact. For sure using eco-friendly coffee packaging is something positive for the environment. This will help the gloomy prediction that we will have reached plastic production of 1,600 million tonnes per year by 2050 not come true.

If you are searching for a trustworthy provider of eco-friendly packaging you can have a look at ThePackLion.com. There you can find inspiration to establish your suitable goals.

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